Due to Covid-19 Spinalis Pilates and Gyrotonic Studio in Kingston Upon Thames has temporarily closed its doors.
Private sessions are now available live, online 'click here'. The studio is due to reopen in mid-October.

If you are interested in a short course for yourself, or as a gift for someone else you will receive a printable voucher. Here are the options:

1. Top to Toe

In an exciting 1 hour session we will discover your health and fitness goals. Have a full Postural Assessment, check out the Pilates and Gyrotonic® equipment and realise the great benefits of a program based around your personal needs with 1 to 1 instruction.

Price: £63*.

*If you decide to continue with Spinalis Pilates £63 will be deducted from your chosen 10 or 5 pack of sessions purchased.

2. Studio Roller Core Strengthen and Stretch

I have devised 10 essential exercises to strengthen your core and increase your flexibility using our high quality Spinalis Foam Roller. The exercises are not difficult (apart from one) you can feel the benefits immediately. A single session for one hour and a quarter.

The cost is £96 and includes a detailed exercise sheet.

3. Stretches to suit your lifestyle

Stretches to Suit your Life Style

Learn all you need to know to get the most out of your body and protect it from injury. This is adapted to the individual's needs. It would suit any age and level of fitness from a beginner to a professional athlete. There are four 1 to 1 sessions of 1 hour each.

Price for this course is £210 and includes an exercise and information sheet

4. 'New-comers' course incorporating Pilates equipment

Consists of four 1 to1 sessions lasting one hour and quarter each. Firstly we complete a Postural Assessment and some simple functional tests to highlight how we should move forward. The equipment is there to help you at the beginning and challenge you later on.

Price for this course is £236 and includes an exercise sheet.

5. The Gyrotonic® experience

Consisting of 4 sessions each lasting one hour and a quarter. An exceptional 'Tower' based around the human body which enables total freedom of movement with no restriction on speed and versatility. The ingenious arrangement of straps and cables under tension moving through pulleys gives the feeling of being supported by water in one instance, against resistance in another alongside multiple action stretches. Liberating and not for the faint hearted!

Price: £236.

If you wish to book or have questions please email christine@spinalispilates.co.uk
or call 07947 013 824

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Why not try Pilates...

Pilates is a safe low impact method of body conditioning, it is based on specific exercises and methods that help develop tone, strength, flexibility, postural alignment and correct use of the body.

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Why not try Gyrotonic®...

Gyrotonic® is an exciting exercise system based on the principles of tai chi, yoga, swimming, and dance. The uniqueness of the system is that it stretches and strengthens at the same time with minimal effort.

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Why not try
Online Classes..

Our online course programme is run via the zoom app, live from the studio with clients receiving instructions and working out from the comfort of their own home.

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